How Can I Choose a Portable Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

Choosing the right portable Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) is key to enjoying the EV lifestyle. At the heart of this decision, there are pertinent issues to consider. One of the factors to consider is compatibility. For instance, you have to check the plug type, eg, J1772 for North America, and type 2 for Europe. You also have to look at the voltage and current rating among other factors.

What is Portable EVSE?

A portable Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment is a device used to charge electric vehicles from a standard electrical outlet. The standard EVSE consists of a charging cable, a connector, and a control unit. The connector plugs into the EV while the control unit regulates the charging process. An idea ESVE should be lightweight, since it is a portable device.

The device should allow you to charge your  vehicle anywhere including homes, workplaces, or public charging stations. Portable ESVEs are particularly useful for EV owners who may not have access to a dedicated home charging station or need the flexibility to charge their vehicles while on the go.

Portable ESVEs chargers are available in different configurations, including Level 1 and Level 2 charging. Level 1 charging uses a standard 120-volt household outlet and provides a slower charging speed. Level 2 charging uses a 240-volt outlet for faster charging. You should always check your EV for the voltage to choose an option that works for your vehicles.

How Does It Work?

The Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment is designed to facilitate smooth charging while communicating with your vehicle. The first step involves  plugging it  into a power source. Once connected, the device establishes communication with the vehicle by initiating protocols like J1772 (in North America) or Mennekes (in Europe). This communication ensures compatibility and allows for data exchange.

Before starting the charging process, the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment conducts safety checks to guarantee proper grounding and detect any potential faults. It also manages temperature levels to prevent any risk of overheating. The EVSE efficiently regulates the flow of electricity, taking into account various factors such as the vehicle's battery capacity, current charge status, and the maximum power capacity.

Throughout the charging cycle, the EVSE continuously monitors critical parameters including voltage, current, and temperature. It continually adjusts these factors as needed to maintain ideal charging conditions and ensure safety.

When the desired battery charge level is attained,  the EVSE  automatically stops power supply. Finally, the device executes a safe disconnection from the vehicle.

Do I Need a Portable EVSE

Yes, if you own an electric  vehicle, you definitely need an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment. This portable charger is  not only for those who lack  proper EV charging stations. It is  ideal for all EV owners due to the convenience it offers. With an EV charging device, you can travel  long distances without ever worrying about losing power. The  EVSE can be a lifesaver when you get home late and need to leave early.

How to Choose It ?

When it comes to choosing an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment, you should get all the facts clearly before purchasing one. First, you need to determine the charging port type for the EV portable charger that  you are purchasing.

It's crucial to determine whether your car supports level 3 charging, be it CHAdeMO or CCS. Further, some vehicles feature unique charging ports, necessitating adapters.

Secondly, go for chargers that are safe. Portable EV chargers equipped with emergency stop mechanisms safeguard both you and your EV's battery.

You should also consider the portability of the device. Select a charger that boasts simple interface to enhance the portable charging experience.

A good charger should be designed with versatility in mind. It  should readily fit effortlessly into any vehicle, be lightweight and enjoy a sleek look.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of portable ESVEs chargers varies depending on your  specific needs. However, the portable chargers are affordable and can be  purchased  from as low as $100. The standard Tesla Charger 15A goes for $169.00 while the Tesla Charger 32A is currently  retailing at $199.00. For those who require high  output, the Tesla Charger 40A goes for $279.

Pros and Cons

There are plenty of pros and cons of the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment that make them an attractive option for EV owners. From the fact that they can be used anywhere,  to the pricing.


One of the most significant advantages of EVSEs is their usability in emergencies. Further, they are very affordable and cheap.

Additionally, EVSEs can help stabilize the electrical grid by enabling smart charging solutions. They provide controlled load management and vehicle-to-grid technology, which optimize energy consumption.

Besides their sustainability, EVSEs, are used for multiple vehicles. They are not just for one EV but can be used on multiple vehicles at home. They are also wear resistant and easy to store to prevent theft.


One disadvantage of EVs is that they lack uniformity. this lack of uniformity can lead to compatibility issues and inconvenience for EV drivers, hindering the seamless transition to electric transportation. They may also appear costly to some individuals, although they are actually affordable. Despite these challenges, the continued development and investment in EVSEs are crucial for accelerating the shift towards sustainable mobility.

Safety and Tips

Portable ESVEs chargers are generally safe since they are computerized. All the charging processes with a portable EV charger are well-calculated. The device continually communicates with the vehicle, reducing the chance of an accident. However, it would be best to observe precautions such as always unplugging the charger when not in use.


Portable ESVEs chargers are an integral part of the EV transition. As many people opt for EVs, the need for convenient charging becomes more apparent. The chargers are a solution that should be embraced. Choosing chargers guarantees a smooth and comfortable EV lifestyle . These chargers are durable, resilient and safe for all. Plus, they come in many options such that you will have the ideal options. This is why, the right Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment should be selected delicately. As you select your preferred portable EVSEs, consider all the above options.

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