What Is The Service Battery Charging System Of Chevy?

Have you ever jumped into your Chevy and turned the key all pumped up for a night out with friends, only to find the engine refusing to start or the battery light blinking on your dashboard? 

This could indicate that your Chevy service battery charging system is experiencing problems. If you want to know everything about your Chevy charging system, how it works and what to do when you encounter this kind of problem, read on. 

What Is The Service Battery Charging System?

The service battery charging system of Chevy is made up of the battery, alternator, electronic controls unit (ECU), and wiring. 

This charging system delivers the energy necessary to run all the electrical components of the car, including the radio and lights, while the engine is running.

How The Individual Components Work:
  • Battery: Turns the starter that fires the engine.
  • Alternator: Receives power through a rotating belt from the working engine, which then turns the engine power into electric current that continuously charges the battery.
  • Electronic Controls Unit: Detects when the battery needs to be charged and passes this signal to the battery to recharge it. It requires electricity to work properly. 

Why Is The Light Of Chevy Service Battery Charging System On?

If your Chevy service battery charging system is on, this means that there is a problem with the car’s charging system. This leaves your Chevy running solely on battery power. 

How long the vehicle works under this condition depends on the condition and age of the battery. When the service battery charging system light is lit on the dashboard, the following happens:

  • Trouble starting the engine.
  • Headlights become dim.
  • Failure of accessories to charge when plugged into USB ports.
  • Chevy’s electrical accessories like stereo and fan begin to fail.

What Causes Chevy Service Battery Charging System Light To Be On?

If your Chevy service battery system light is on, it may be because of the following reasons:

Drive Belt Problem

If the drive belt is faulty, it stops the alternator from charging the battery. This automatically causes the battery warning light to become lit on the dashboard. 

A qualified mechanic would be able to replace the faulty belt.

Faulty Alternator

Since it is the alternator that charges the battery, it is often the root cause of most recharging systems problems. 

If the drive belt is working perfectly, then have your mechanic check the voltage coming from the alternator. The failing mechanic may need a replacement.

Faulty Battery 

The average lifespan of a battery is between three and five years. When your battery is packing up with diminishing strength, it can cause your Chevy battery light to be on. 

When it is confirmed by the mechanic that the drive belt and alternator are working perfectly, check your battery strength for signs of weakness.

Faulty Connections And Wires 

When the belt, alternator, and battery are in pristine condition, and your Chevy battery light remains on, check for faulty connections and corrosion on the battery clamps. 

Check all the links and terminals to see if there is a wire or clamp that needs replacement.

Faulty Electronic Controls Unit (ECU)

If all components and accessories of the Chevy service battery system are working perfectly, and the battery light remains on, then call for an expert inspection of the car’s ECU. 

This may involve a competent diagnostic test to know the state of your Chevy’s computer system.

What To Do When Chevy Service Battery Charging System Is On?

While driving with your Chevy service battery system light on is not dangerous, it could leave you stranded on the highway or become a traffic nuisance on a busy Manhattan road. 

If the battery light comes on, this means you only have a limited amount of time for the car to keep on running solely on battery power. It’s best to pull over and call for assistance immediately.

How To Fix A Faulty Chevy Service Battery Charging System?

Now that you know what can cause your Chevy service battery system light to be on, It would be equally nice to know how to fix it.

Check The Battery Cables And Terminals

Battery cables are safely secured with connectors and bolts. But over time, the cables can become loose and the connectors and bolts corroded. 

It is important to reconnect them tightly to the terminals and clean the corrosion on the battery terminals. This corrosion caused by the blue, white, or green powdery residue on the battery terminals can also be cleaned with baking soda and warm water.

Confirm If The Battery Is Bad And If Needed, Replace It

Test your battery with a voltage meter or take it to an automotive store to confirm if the voltage is still between 12.4 and 12.7 volts. 

If it is to become significantly lower than this optimum voltage, remove and replace the battery with a new one.

Check and Test The Belt And Alternator

If the drive belt has become slack and is not perfectly placed on the pulley or cut, replace it. But if the drive belt is working perfectly, remove the alternator and take it to an auto store for testing. 

If the alternator has become bad, replace it.

Consult A Qualified Technician Or Mechanic

If your Chevy service battery system light is still on despite the perfect working condition of your battery, drive belt, and alternator, consult a qualified technician or mechanic at your nearest auto repair shop.


The Chevy service battery charging system ensures the smooth running of all the car's electrical components. 

While all the charging system components work together to achieve this feat, knowing how it works and what to do when they are faulty can surely prevent you from getting stranded in the Everglades. 

Contact your nearest Chevy dealership to learn more about vehicle routine checkups.

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