How Long Does It Take to Charge a Ford Lightning?

The F-150 Lightning is one of Ford’s outstanding electric vehicles (EVs). It has a long battery lifespan on all its models - the XLT, LARIAT, and Platinum.However, as durable as the battery might be, it’s bound to run out. Charging it as quickly as possible is necessary.To do that effectively, you need to understand the Ford Lightning charge times. Read along as we discuss how to charge the F-150 Lightning, its charge times, duration, and costs among other factors. 

How to Charge Your Ford Lightning?

Like most EVs, you can charge your Ford Lightning either at home or in a public charging station. Your chosen option depends on your means, location, and the availability of charging accessories. 

Charging Your Ford Lightning at a Public Public Station.

If you are in transit and your Ford Lightning is running out of power, charging it at a public station is your best bet. There are various direct current (DC) charging stations in cities that promote EVs. The F-150  has a 120 kW power limit. Most DC charging points can generate up to 350 kW of power for electric vehicles per time. This means you can fill up your battery at a public charging station.  Using a 350 kW DC fast charger, it takes about 30 minutes to charge the standard-rate battery and about 35 minutes to charge the extended-range battery. 

Charging Your Ford Ford Lightning at Home.

You can charge your Ford Lightning in the comfort of your home if you have the designated devices. For home charging, you need to use Level 1 or Level 2 chargers. The Level 1 charging entails plugging the vehicle’s recommended cable into an electric outlet. While this is very convenient, it’s quite slow, generating a range of 85 kilometers of driving distance per hour.The AC Level 2 charging can also be done at home after setting up the charging point. Although this option is more demanding, it generates about 81% of power in 41 minutes when connected to a 150 kW DC charger. 

Ford Lightning Charge Times and Charger Types.

The Ford Lightning has two battery models - the standard-range battery and the extended-range battery.Both models can be recharged in the following ways:

  • Level 1: The level 1 charger enables you to power your F-150 Lightning with a mobile cord. Suitable for home installations,you can charge your vehicle for up to 4.8 kilometers of driving distance per hour once plugged into a 120-volt outlet. The standard-range battery takes approximately 100 hours and the extended-range battery takes approximately 150 hours to charge fully. It costs $200 to $500.
  • Level 2: Like the Level 1 charger, you can use the Level 2 charger to power your EV with a mobile cord.However, it offers more value by adding up to 32.2 kilometers of driving distance per hour. It takes 10 hours to charge the F-150 Lightning standard-range battery to full capacity with this charger and 15 hours to charge the extended-range battery.Setting up the Level 2 charger costs $700 to $2,200. 
  • DC Fast Chargers: The DC fast chargers reduce the Ford Lightning charge times drastically, giving your vehicle more power for the road.It adds up to 32.2 kilometers of driving distance per hour when connected directly to an electrical outlet.Charging the standard-range battery costs about $17.64 and charging the extended-range battery costs $23.58.

Cost of Charging Your Ford Lightning at Home.

Charging your Ford Lightning at home requires the following:

  • Cables: If you are using Level 1 charging, you need to purchase the right mobile cables to connect your vehicle to an electric outlet. 
  • Outlet Installation: Adopting the Level 2 charger requires installing the designated charging outlet and acquiring the right cords. This is more cost-intensive than the Level 1 option. However, it’s economical and saves time in the long run. 
  • Electric Cost: The power generated while charging the Ford Lightning is from electric units. The more you charge your vehicle, the higher your electric bills. The cost of electricity varies. However, the average cost in the US is $0.13 per kWh.If you want to gain a 90% efficiency rate,the cost of charging the standard-range battery is 14.16 USD while charging the extended-range battery costs $18.92.

Cost of Charging Your Ford Lightning at a Public Charging Station.

Electric vehicles’ public charging stations offer complete charging tools. You can simply drive into one and power up your EV, however, you must pay for the service. It’s the service providers’ prerogative to determine the charging cost.The average cost of charging the  F-150 Lightning at a public station is between $29.40 and $49.00 for the standard range battery and between $39.30 and $65.50 for the extended range battery. 

Ford Lightning Driving Range After Charge.

The Ford Lightning driving range depends on the battery model and charging capacity.At a full charge of 100%, you can get up to 230 miles on the standard-range battery and 320 miles on the extended-range battery. At 80% charge,the standard-range battery offers about 184 miles and the extended-range battery offers about 256 miles. Limit the battery charge to 80% because charging it up to 100% degrades it faster. 

Charge Your Ford Lightning Accurately for Longevity.

The features of the Ford Lightning make for a smooth ride. Its luxury and durability are a perfect combination for comfort. However, to get the most out of these, you must charge its battery accurately.Familiarizing yourself with the Ford Lightning charge times increases its lifespan and prevents you from getting stranded due to a lack of power. You can hit the road whenever you want even in emergencies. 

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