How to Choose the Matte Wrap for Tesla

Are you thinking about wrapping your Tesla? Few modifications can go toe to toe with a matte wrap when it comes to transforming your Tesla into a sleek, head-turning masterpiece without costing a fortune. 

However, with several matte wrap options out there, picking the perfect one for your Tesla might feel like a big deal, especially if you're new to car customization. So, it's important to get a handle on the different matte finishes, materials, and installation methods before embarking on this exciting quest.

Let's dive into the details and check out how to pick the perfect matte wrap, its benefits for your Tesla, the installation cost, key considerations before application, and, finally, important maintenance tips after installation.  

Advantages of a Matte Wrap for Your Tesla

A Tesla with a matte wrap screams luxury and style, making it look super classy—almost like a fashion statement on wheels! It gives off a sophisticated vibe and plays with light in a cool, understated way that lets the car effortlessly stand out during the day or blend into the night. The wrap further improves the car's visual appeal by casting shadows and highlights that really show off its elegant curves and edges. 

But the matte wrap isn't just about looks. It also offers the following extra perks:

Extra Layer of Protection 

The matte wrap acts as a tough cover for your Tesla's primary paint job, shielding it from harsh elements like scratches, dents, rust, harmful UV rays, and all sorts of road gunk. This ensures that your car stays looking brand new, which is great for its resale value down the line.

Unique Customization Options

Matte wraps offer tons of ways to customize your Tesla's exterior, from different subtle colors and shades to partial wraps and full makeovers, allowing you to create a personalized look for your vehicle.

Affordable Elegance

Matte wraps are a fantastic option for Tesla owners looking to switch up the car's look without breaking the bank. They offer a touch of class and a high-end finish, all while being much more affordable than a traditional paint job.

Low Maintenance Appeal

Matte wraps are hassle-free to clean and maintain. A quick car wash is enough to keep them spotless, and in case of any damage or wear, you can easily patch them up.

Efficient Heat Dissipation

Matte wraps possess heat dissipation properties that help keep a steady temperature within the Tesla, potentially boosting its overall energy efficiency.

How to Choose the Best Matte Wrap for Your Tesla

Selecting the ideal matte wrap for your Tesla is an exciting journey that allows you to personalize and enhance the car's appearance. To ensure you make the best choice, you should consider these factors that will influence the wrap's look and longevity.

Original Paint Condition

It's crucial that your Tesla's original paint is in pristine condition before adding a matte wrap. The wrap tends to spotlight flaws in the paint instead of covering them up, and it can even peel off the paint when you remove it.

Wrap Quality

Pick a high-quality matte wrap from a reputable brand as it's more durable, less likely to fade and get damaged easily, and can maintain its appearance for ages.


Choose a good matte wrap within your budget range. Remember that you'll have to pay more for higher-quality wraps or those with custom designs. 

Compatibility With Your Tesla Model

Vinyl wrap manufacturers typically create templates that precisely fit particular car models. So, when you're selecting a matte wrap for your Tesla, make sure it's labeled as compatible with your specific model. That way, you'll get the best fit and look for your ride!


You'll want to pick a sturdy matte wrap that can handle whatever the weather throws its way and stand up to harsh environmental conditions. That way, you can count on it to serve you for years to come.

How Much Does It Cost to Apply a Matte Wrap to a Tesla 

It generally costs around $2000-$10000 to apply a matte wrap to a Tesla. This price is determined by several factors, including the size of the car, labor, the condition and age of the paint, and whether you're covering the whole car or just parts of it.

Tips On Maintaining Your Tesla's Matte Wrap

You need to exercise the following care tips regularly to ensure your matte Tesla wrap stays in good condition:  

Thorough cleaning:  Clean the wrap well to remove accumulated dirt, dust, or gunk.  This will help it last longer. Ensure you use a soft microfiber cloth and non-abrasive chemicals to avoid damaging the unique finish. 

Avoid automated car washes: Steer clear of machine-operated car washes because the brushes and high-pressure jets can scratch the wrap. 

Avoid waxing: While adding a layer of wax to the matte wrap can help with protection, it will make it appear shiny and mess up its subtle appearance. So, it's best to skip the wax and let that distinct finish speak for itself!

Park wisely: Park your Tesla under a shade to prevent prolonged exposure to the sun's UV rays, which may cause the wrap to fade and degrade. 

Repair damages promptly: Fix minor damages or lifting edges immediately to prevent moisture and dirt from sneaking underneath and causing more damage.


Finding the ideal matte wrap for your Tesla boils down to nailing that delicate balance between style and functionality. Some great options to consider include the 3M 1080 Matte Black, Avery Dennison SW900 Matte Metallic Charcoal, VViViD+ Matte Epoxy Black, and Orafol Oracal 970RA Matte Azure Blue, all renowned for their quality and visual appeal. By following the tips we've discussed, it'll be easier to pick a wrap that not only makes a striking statement on the road but also guarantees durability.

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